Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Change task to easier, simple and physical action

When you feel bad, how you manage you to do something? Give a present to yourself? or Make some penarty? Sometimes it works, but I cannot do it because now I am depression. So I need the way which is not tough.

Is there any way which is not tough? I'm not sure but I found some posibility to change task to easier, simple and physical action. It really works, so far.

To do this, when you feel bad, please chose very easy action, the easiest action. For example.
  • just walk to kitchen
  • drink a cup of water
  • take a rest for 4 hours in the bed
It is ok, it is enough.

When you feed bad, please don't ashame because you cannot do little. The task is tough for you right now. Wait a moment. You will be able to do it soon. And now, you did it as you scheduled. You can proud of it. good job.

And then, if you get better, you can work more. If else, you can keep the pace. please do not in hurry. It is the best way to keep your pace. Because you can keep pace as you did above.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

GTD is similar to car navigation system

GTD is consist of
  1. Collect
  2. Process
  3. Organize
  4. Review
  5. Do
, 5 phases. We can see the same situation in car trip with car navigation system
  1. Collect (wish, plans)
  2. Process (search path)
  3. Organize (decide what to do in the place)
  4. Review (check where we are, what we done, what we will do)
  5. Do (just drive!)
We see the similarity.

In GTD, at first, we collect all the stuff. In car driving with car navigation system, we also collect all plans( what we want to do). Most of cases, we drive to somewhere to do something, the goal. So, in both cases, we "collect" all stuff or plans.

Secondary, in GTD, we deal all stuff through the "process". In car navigation system, we (or the system?) search the path and where to have a break. It means the navigation system decide what we will do, like GTD process.

Thirdly, in GTD, we organize tasks in folders. In the drive, we plan where to stop and have a lunch. This is "organize" because car navigation system monitor shows only driving information, and points where to stop. We plan that "we will stop here and buy lunch and drink, oh, and ....". If you make task list for shop, it is the GTD style. You did just imaginary.

And forth, Review. In GTD, we check whether we did or not as schedule, and we change schedule if we need. When we drive a car with navigation system, we check where we are and where we will go. It is "Review". You check your position.

Last, in GTD, just do. It is very simple. And in car drive with car navigation system, we just drive. "Go straight, turn right, turn left", car navigation system gives us those message. So, all we have to do is just "to drive".


In the future, I hope the tool to check my position in GTD. In other words, I need "review" tools. If we have, it must be very useful. Do you know about it?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Execise in 5 minues

Did you get fat? Do you need basic execise? If you need to simple execise, this article help you.

Healthbolt » You’ve Got 5 Minutes, Make the Most of It

As for me, I got fat in this new year, and I need some basic execise.

The artile shown above says

  • 1 minute: strech
  • 2, 3, 4 minute: push-ups and rest
  • 5 minute: strech
And I propose below

  • 1 minute: strech
  • 2, 3, 4 minute: push-ups and abdominal crunch
  • 5 minute: strech
How to Do a Proper Push-Up - eHow.com
How to Do an Abdominal Crunch - eHow.com

Because I can execise more effectively. I can train both arms and abs in the same minutes. While I push-up, it is the rest time for abs. And, while abdominal crunch, it is the rest time for arms.

By execising for 5 minutes(6 minutes in worse case), I can refresh my mind. I also can make me helthier, maybe.

Do you try it?

Friday, November 03, 2006

List it up when you feel uneasy.

When you are in panic, what should you do? Is there any way to get rid of?

List up what you worry about. Not only worry about, but also what you think. It doesn't have anything to distingish what you worry about and what you think. Anyway, list it up, write down.

You can see what you think phisically, on the paper, or on the screen. Generally, you overestimate the problems because you did not see as it was. You only think in your mind so that you think the same problem again and again. You double count your problem and overestimate ammount of problems.

This list up process is one of GTD's, "collect". Write down what you think and sweep your mind, and try to be free, try to forget everything. You have the lists.

When you need to remember what you think, see your list.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

GTD is a solution for depression

GTD recommends us to list up what we are worrying about. Depressed person , like me, we are in panic or forget what we want. By listing up them, we can find ourselves and sorroundings, and find our desire, again. Usually, we tend to forget what we want, and only be in panic, and be depression.

Next, GTD recommends us to break down the project to next action. By doing this, it is clear what we should do next. "make report"...no. "call Linda about report". It is much easier to image what we do. We can't do what we can't imagine. Once we imagine what we do, we list it up, and later, as soon as we see the list, we can move without thinking "oh, why should we do such a thing???". Only DO THIS. It is well-disscussed by myself. By doing the task listed up, the project surely goes forward one step. It is the fact. The list takes care of you instead of yourself. It is very convinient and you can feel easy because you don't have to memorise everything. You have all the lists.

Third, GTD puts the way to think about later, pending. By pending, we can control what we should think right now. Some schedule reminds me to think again about the thing. GTD serves three way by processing.
  • Do it
  • Decide to think about it later
  • Through away
It is much better than procastination. I believe.

Based on these points above, I think GTD is a good solution for depression. How about doing GTD, if you are depressed?